Korkki Nordic Ski Center

Korkki Nordic Ski Center

Located just three miles off Highway 61 between Duluth and Two Harbors, Korkki Nordic is a classic ski center in beautiful Clover Valley, Minnesota. With 11k of the most beautiful and challenging single-track ski trails in the area, Korkki Nordic has been a legendary and much-loved part of the Duluth-area cross-country ski scene for over fifty years. Korkki has also hosted annual races since 1960, including the Eric Judeen 10k Classic, the Bangin' in the Brush trail race and the newest member of the family, the Balsam Basher 10k Fat Tire Bike Race.

Did you know that "fluoro" waxes have been banned from most ski races, are toxic, and persist in the environment for... basically forever? Do you, like us, have some laying around your wax bench? You're in luck, because WLSSD (the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District) will accept your fluoro waxes at the Household Hazardous Waste Center. Click the image below for more information!

WLSSD will take your PFAS wax! Click the image for more info!

Korkki Nordic is a volunteer-run Minnesota non-profit corporation operated as a membership-based club. If you have any questions about Korkki Nordic please contact us.

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